Sunday, April 27, 2008

forever not found your 404

forever not found 404 coz flock the geese in your monitor
forever not found evermore, coz guitar god gary moore
is no longer the master of his finger, your finger
our fingers lickin good, lickin the mighty penis
sprouting on someone's head in memphis

wunderbar i'd rather wunderlust to move my feet
off the ground humping around to bali, to bali
to the place where poets and tourist roam
to the paddy fields like the one in your
pretty postcards, playing cards in foam
in foam, whooooooooooooaaaaaaaaam

the girl with braids sang halleluya, she just
wrote the lines up there, yesterday
while we were stuck up there
in the air
in the air
in the air

flock your rock and check the dying polar bear
at the nearest movie palace, william wallace
will tear his heart out at the sight of those
dancing dolphins
dancing cheetah
dying carribou
dancing and fucking
but mostly dying
in death's embrace


amazing grace, is when you find an apple
on the sidewalk, covered with chalk
and you ask the bystander have you seen
my baby?
my baby?

have you seen

forever not found your 404 baby
coz she's too busy flocking
who couldnt even spell
h i g h.

dancing on top of aconcagua with mj, allstar, metta, n gedong.